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Daily Archives: December 21, 2014


“The Sum Minus This”: – Promote Yourself


An Understanding – Promote Yourself


Christmas Angel

gills angel

As I walked by the shops

I saw a little boy staring excitedly

On his own I asked where is parents were

He answered they cannot be with me

Puzzled I enquired why this was so

He looked at me and explained with a sigh

My daddy’s in heaven and my mummy is ill

She is in hospital I fear she will die

It’s Christmas you see I’m looking to buy

An angel that’s gentle and mild

An angel that performs miracles

These pitiful words uttered by this child

I was so overcome by his sorrowful tale

I took hold of his hand and took him inside

When he found out the Angel was too expensive

The little boys smiled dropped, he started to cry

I purchased the Angel so gentle and mild

Then prayed for a miracle as he walked away

It was a few weeks after Christmas I saw them

I will never forget that wonderful day

Their faces were beaming with happiness

They both approached me and smiled

His mother thanked me for the gift

Of the Angel so gentle and mild

 The Angel was placed by my bed

In the night the Angel so gentle and mild

 Filled the room with her iridescent light

A miracle was performed for that thoughtful child

My prayers were also answered

Your thoughts can perform miracles to

Just think of that Angel so gentle and mild

Then she will answer your prayers for you

Malcolm G Bradshaw



carol singers

A knock at the door and the carollers sing,
A beautiful song made famous by Bing.

One of Dad’s favourites and one of mine too,
It’s touching what the memory of one song can do.

I dream of a white Christmas year after year,
And wish that Dad could still be right here.

To enjoy festive re-runs of Bing’s Christmas movie,
Crooning along with Rosemary Clooney.

Sipping his sherry and eating mince pies,
While falling asleep just resting my eyes.

I place the old angel at the top of our tree
And pray that my Dad can look down on me

I turn on the stereo, White Christmas blares out as on cue,
As I raise my glass skyward and say “Dad, this one’s for you”


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