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Pessimism – Promote Yourself

That voice, I hear it
as it sneaks in insidiously,
telling me lies;
and I believe them.
A hopeful thought
becomes distorted,
no more.
I convince myself that these invading thoughts
are more realistic,
preparing me for potential failures,
not realizing that they hinder me from success.
Where is my hope?
Is it not in Christ?
Then why be fearful?
Why let the light fade?
Confidence is not the same as arrogance.
Experiencing failures provides new opportunities for growth.
Being adventurous can reveal a world unknown.
Joyfulness will not only uplift myself but others.
Positivity is a choice, my choice.
It can change a life, my life.
What will I choose?
Who will I become?
Lauren Heiligenthal

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