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Daily Archives: January 3, 2015

A Thank You Note -Promote Yourself

You & I
against all odds
a candle burning.
You & I
withstood the dark
but blown by the wind
now we’ve ended.
You & I 
parted ways
you left me-
with only scars,
of the wounds-
you mended.
Nipun Bajracharya 
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“A Dance With Aphrodite”: – Promote Yourself

“A Way Out” -Promote Yourself


As we walk, we all walk alone.
And as the tide recedes once again, water teeming with livelihood,
We all walk and we ponder perpetual thoughts of life and love.
Is this what we’ve been destined for?
Or are we waiting for something more?

As the waves crash beneath your knees,
Feel the pain like shards of glass piercing through your raw flesh; the air a frigid breeze.
Does love accompany hate when we all move alone?
Or does love have a story of its own?

Are these feelings real, the things that we feel?
Or are they all just some repressed, desperate excuse to escape from our fears? Loneliness or mediocrity? Is love blind for the sake of brevity?
Do we pray every night in the hopes of its longevity?

There’s no telling how long we’ll walk this shore; but, one thing is for sure.
Life is what you make it; take it, fake it, get naked; but, never forsake it.
Is love worth a life of pain?
As your feet get wet once more, you’re not so sure, though you won’t refrain.

As we walk, we all walk alone.
We all sleep alone. We all die alone.

By: Kyle Fisher
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