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If you are one of these who fails to plan,
Then it could be said that you are planning to fail,
Its no use just relying on good fortune,
In the long run this will be of no avail.
Success in anything depends upon planning,
Then you must ensure that you work the plan,
If you enter a race without training,
You will more than likely be an also ran.
Only these who are prepared are likely to be winners,
That is something you probably already know,
Hope and good intentions will not prevail,
In the race fitness and training will always show.
If you want to be a winner now is the time to prepare,
So that you can meet the challenge of the day,
If you are prepared to do the training,
It’s likely that everything will turn out O.K.
The same principles apply to the human race,
You cannot start your preparation too soon,
You must never rely on meeting Lady Luck.
More likely you will meet her daughter the Honourable Miss Fortune.
Ron Martin

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