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Daily Archives: January 6, 2015


day and night
When the sun starts glinting in the eastern skies,
And the darkness of the night gradually disappears,
When we begin to wake to the opening of another day,
We should remember the opportunities we have wasted down the years.
We should not allow these thoughts to fill us with sadness,
Nor let our hopes be buried in despair,
But look forward to the future with the anticipation,
As we fill our lungs with the fresh morning air.
Every successful life needs a vision,
And behind that vision there must be a plan,
If we are not prepared to make this work.
We shall continue to be an also ran.
Each day is a day of new opportunities,
A time when we can start our life anew,
This time there will be a need for resolution,
To do the things we know that we should do.
So many of us have failed to do this in the past,
That is why so many of our lives lack satisfaction,
We might envy the success that others have enjoyed,
And this should make us realise that now is the time for action.
Otherwise, our waking thoughts will be filled with sadness,
And these thoughts should make us realise,
Another day has come and brought new opportunities,
When the sun starts glinting in the eastern skies.
Ron Martin

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