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Daily Archives: January 7, 2015

In Lieu of Resolutions … a Remarkable … Solution – Promote Yourself



AGE. – Promote Yourself


I step boldly

……….and falter

the clock ticks


like the heart

of the old Southern governor

who thinks things don’t change much

and re-adjusts a suspender.


is the only contender.

Ruth Ann Scanzillo

PA (WordPress)

Professional collaborative cellist and pianist/former public school music teacher and childrens’ drama coach……..amateur poet…..essayist…………………………………………….

Influences:  James Kavanaugh; Lance Morrow; Erma Bombeck; Peggy Noonan; Garrison Keillor; Billy Collins; Leonard Cohen; and, Alice Munro.

Local eccentric, social loner, over-active imaginator and speculator,

Demanding Fantasy and Sleep – Promote Yourself


Paris – Evil Speaks


We must recognize

this is not our home,

yet, their home is ours as well.

We must realize

our world is inter-connected

their pain lays dead in our street,

We must remind

ourselves that our freedom

was just desecrated by the strong arm

of evil, it lurks, around us, anywhere it chooses.

We are asked

to understand

Charlie Hebdo is satire,

in violent terms their point is made,

yet we cannot laugh,

only mourn,

for those souls that lay dead on the tiles,

are us, are you, are me, are human beings.

Tonight, the sun has set on Paris,

people will not sleep,

people will worry, hold one another, walk in confusion.

Tonight across the globe,

we know again,

the pen wields a powerful angst,


we must also respect,

human lives could not ever deserve,

their legacy to be defined by a bullet.

Let’s pick up our pens and continue

to fight, to maim, to expose


Let’s mute that voice of evil

while we pray,

while we wrap our heads around,

the unnamed victims,

that tomorrow will be identified,

sisters, brothers, mother’s fathers, friends, cousins,

people, human beings with a passion for laughter,

with a desire only,

to suggest that life deserves laughter.

Let’s drown out evil,

with the memory of sweet humor.

Let’s pray.


© Thom Amundsen 2015

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