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steam engine designed by Thomas Newcomen 
It has been said that a watched pot never boils,
But that is a saying which is easy to gainsay,
For we are told that James Watt sat and watched the kettle boil,
And this led to the steam engines that we know today.
A steam engine had been designed by Thomas Newcomen many years ago,
It was used to lift water from out of his coalmine,
James Watt was employed to repair this machine,
From this he developed the modern steam condensing engine.
This idea was later adapted by George Stephenson,
Who designed the Rocket in collaboration with Robert his son,
History tells us that this was the first steam engine,
And that it ran on a track from Stockton to Darlington .
The development of the steam engine for use in transport,
Was the most important development since the invention of the wheel,
Since then there have been many innovations,
Who knows what the future will reveal?
We know that trains are running faster,
Their design is constantly being brought up to a date,
The rail system is forever being modernised,
Are these the reasons that so many of them are running late?
Train breakdowns, signal delays, power failure or the weather,
These are the excuses given to explain the delay,
Rail travellers are not impressed with the improvements,
What a pity the Stephenson and James Watt are not alive today.
Ron Martin

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