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Daily Archives: January 9, 2015


Each of the lines below contain an anagram
The solution is one for which you must speak
If however you are struggling to find the answer
Just turn to the  pages above and take a peak
Some of the anagrams are easy to unravel
Whilst some of them can be quite difficult
But Im sure that if you make the effort
Eventually you will get the right result
This can be an electrical rose that was used to vary resistance
When at one constituents could be weakening
Or by those who give a send off that could be foreseen
By one who was left hanging on a string?
From being in the red I possibly came into money
With the help of fat Eric I took every one in by trickery
While junketing which bores a client to distraction
With the hit parade organised as a matter of racial policy
Any item can be used to provide source of pleasure
As can a cordial or endearing disposition
Thoughts about the old days can be lost again
But things set to change allow no relaxation
This could be a desert site which has been transformed
Where it’s gone very badly for government autonomy
Where folk like to hear the type of music enjoyed by Clare short
Or to admire a figure which the mob rush out to see
The challenge that I set you is now over
I hope that you have been successful in your quest
If you have failed there is no need to be disappointed
For I know that you have tried and done your very best
By Ron Martin
Answers to the anagrams
Can be found in pages

Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin – Promote Yourself


The mistress of the night – Promote Yourself




I went back to the town
Where I once lived
I hitched a lift on a lorry
That seemed to be
Travelling my way,
We reached the outskirts
Of the town
No-one was around,
The lorry driver dropped me off
With a toot and a wave
He drove onto
The motorway,
As the street lights shone bright
I turned right
Into the street where I once lived
Some thirty years ago,
The house was still there
But looked kind of bare,
The door was still painted Blue
But windows were new,
Then the door opened wide
And I glanced inside,
To my surprise
It all remained the same
As I remembered it
Thirty years ago,
When I bought this house
I had money and fame
But nothing remains the same,
The good times had gone to my head
I remember the drink, the drugs,
And the shame,
That brought me down to my knees
So I’m asking you please,
Don’t live in the past
Because the good times
Will never last

Thomas Sims

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