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Life in the trenches – Promote Yourself


Shells are exploding

Rapidly above my trench,
They blow themselves to
Pieces with all of the
Enemies hatred and rage.
The tremendous blast is
Overwhelming; my ears
can not cope with the
Exploding rage; gloomy,
Deep red blood is beginning
To pour out from my
Shell-shocked ear drums.

It is impossible to avoid the
Horror-stricken sight of
One of my mates wailing
And screaming in agony, as
They die a very slow and cumbersome

My colonel shouted, “Into no man’s land you go! ”
There’s no time to prepare for the hell of a battle
Which awaits me. I feel a shudder of anxiety
Tingle down my spine; as the dark and mysterious
Shadows of no man’s land hang solemnly above
My trench, and into the depths of the murky
And eerie mud below.

I must put all of those terrible and
Patronising thoughts and sights aside,
For it is my destiny to climb
Over the flesh shredding barbed wire,
And venture deep into no man’s land.

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