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Daily Archives: January 12, 2015



Many people in this world
Need a guiding hand,
Someone to talk too,
Someone to understand,
Without the knowledge of life,
Without tenderness and care,
They have no one to speak too,
To confide in, or to share.

Be a shoulder to cry on,
Listen and you will find,
The satisfaction you receive,
By being sympathetic and kind,
Receive your thanks with humility,
Asking nothing untoward,
For God will repay your kindness,
By serving, will be your reward.

Their are so many lonely people,
Who only need to share?
Their troubles and downfalls,
Just to show them that you care,
Illuminate their conscience,
Encourage them to conquer and fight,
Extinguish the darkness that surrounds them,
To fill them with Gods glorious light.

Malcolm G Bradshaw



The bluebells nestled arm in arm

The skeleton trees remained still and calm

I sat and read the letter you wrote last night

After we’d searched for stars

But found not one in sight

My heart has sunk

To the bottom of the stream

I no longer have that happy dream

Of you and I singing with the lark

Or playing with our children in the park

You said in your letter

I have broken your heart

You said we must remain apart

Now I sit with the bluebells

By the side of the stream

Where my heart has sunk

I no longer have that happy dream

Gillian Sims

A Fine to Pay

Whilst travelling at the speed limits
I appear to be getting in everybody’s way
But if they are in a hurry and pass me
It is a fine that they have to pay
The speed limit has been set by the authorities
It is a law which we are expected to obey
If some folk wish to ignore it
It’s a fine that they may have to pay
It’s so easy for them to tender excuses
I was in a hurry they sometime say
It’s an excuse which is not acceptable
It’s a fine that you may have to pay
There’s one way that fines can be avoided
To watch our speed as we travel on our way
We shall avoid penalty points on our licence
And then there will be no fines to pay
Ron Martin

A child’s plea -Promote Yourself


Renovation – Promote Yourself


We’re all hurled

Into the midst,

A perfect world

Does not exist.


Taught to hate,

Doomed to die.

Our death rate

Has soared sky-high. 


We can escape,

Begin the climb.

Build to reshape

Free from crime.


Help to offset

Push and shove.

Do not forget

How to love.

John Northcutt Young

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