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Daily Archives: January 13, 2015

Incendiary Bombs – Promote Yourself


Means To The End-promote yourself

Walking on surfeits

Above ground sinful and imperfect

Fallen overboard but not sinking

Drifting out towards see

Sharks fins encircling me

What’s left to protest about?

Takes a real concerted conscious effort in these last days

when self examination small still…permeates and beckons

Counting blessings and not breaths

Losing count on all accounts due

in “stinking thinking”

on the brink

on the mends

on edge

inflicted injuries linger infected and inflamed

angry reds

defer to

healing purple

and nothing rhymes with purple

save for something made up and unreal

The many subtle deceitful hues

of pagan’s muse

Nothing equals royal purple

Nothing supercedes

Nothing circumvents

Nothing can twart

the stark unfolding impending…

“means to an end”

Anthony Gomez

“In the closet” – Promote Yourself



NATURE THE HEALER – Promote Yourself

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