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Daily Archives: January 16, 2015


close of day
The evening shadows are falling, my days work is over,
The day had been a day full of action,
I try to reconcile my actions with my long held beliefs,
Hoping that my thoughts will provide some satisfaction.
As I am thinking my mind is filled with doubt,
I cannot be sure if my objective has been achieved,
I know that in many ways, I have been successful,
But, in other ways I know I have been deceived.
I tell myself that many things are impossible,
But, my thoughts tell me that with a little effort on my part,
I could have done a lot more to impress my neighbours,
And could have fulfilled the longings in my heart.
To achieve objectives in part can never be enough,
To achieve our full potential must surely be our aim,
We must strive to achieve real satisfaction,
And to become a winner in life’s game.
Sleep does not come easy to a troubled mind,
Sleep does not come easy to a mind filled with regret,
We have to work hard to fulfil our potential,
Sleep will only come when we can forget.
We must try to forget the failures in our life,
Concentrate out thoughts on the things, we have achieved,
Resolve to do much better in the future,
To take advantage of the truths we have perceived.
Our concerns will lessen as we think about our success,
When we allow positive thoughts to fill our head,
In this way peace will sublimate our thinking,
At the end of the day when we retire to our bed.
by Ron Martin

The darkness shrouds the nights – Promote Yourself

night time

“Rebel Rebel” – Promote Yourself

If some other history
carried our melody
I’d meet you
beneath the peppery skies
of a Portland afternoon
where coffee
and ancient rituals
remain the fastened
wares of sensitive senses.
Unseen music
as constant as nature
fills the vestal tide
of somber air between us
under showered margins
of a misty sea.
Steam your lips
for renewed enchantment…
in this other time
where weaknesses
of the willing
perceives letters
that built for me
a momentary plateau.
If I were lost
I’d use your eyes…
they seem to see
more than mine.

Slow eMotion – Promote Yourself


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