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Sweet brown skin, the colour of chocolate,

And I was drowning in the sweetness.
Scouring eyes that painfully unveiled my naked soul,
And I was too lost in their intensity to notice the hurt.
Bright smile, charmingly deceptive.
I swear to you, it tactfully obscured jagged teeth that tore my heart to pieces.
Soft hands like mother’s heart,
I let my own be engulfed by their delicate touch,
But they grew claws that shredded all my dreams.

You set fire to my bones,
And I revelled in this calamity.
You poisoned my blood with delicious promises,
And all I could do was intoxicate myself to the point of destruction.
One touch and the tough shell encasing my soul shattered
And every time I attempted to pick up the pieces,
I cut myself on all the jagged shards.
You unlocked a vulnerability I never thought I possessed.
You broke and bruised me.
And I attempted to heal and conceal.
You unfastened and I confined.

We were at war and your weaponry was far superior to mine.
So I surrendered and you devoured on my flesh.
This wasn’t love
This was sweet chaos.
The kind that kept me breathlessly infatuated,
And left me fiercely traumatized.
It was the type of chaos
That left my soul satisfied but at the same time desperately hungry for more.

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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