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Sunrise. – Promote Yourself


As the sun rose above the tree tops ‘ a slither of light shining down like a beam though the leaves’ I thought to myself  that’s the most beautiful sunrise I ever seen.
I open the curtains and walk through the door onto the balcony’ to see this wonderious colours of the early morning sunrise.
With coffee in my hand ‘ I sit quietly to enjoy this glorious morning.
I look back over to my lake’ as its to the bottom of my balcony’ to see the waters glissering in the early morning sun.
As I turn walk back in ‘ I hear a tiny noise ‘ I walk back over to the balcony I see tiny little animals drinking from my lake’ there’s nothing more perfect than that’ nature at its best.
The world around us is fast and loud ‘ seeing all this just makes you feel proud.

Patricia bourne WordPress 2014.

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