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ON LIFE’S WAY – Promote Yourself

It’s not how far you have travelled, but what have you achieved upon life’s way,
That’s the question which will be put to you when it comes to judgement day,
When you are finally standing in front of God’s throne,
There will be no one to defend you, you will be standing all alone.
You won’t have to pass a scripture examination,
But you will be required to give an explanation,
Of what you have done, and what you have failed to do,
Questions on these things will be put to you.
Being able to recite the creeds will be of no avail,
And its very certain that excuses will not prevail,
God has set a target for you which he knows you can achieve,
If you have failed to reach it there is no way you can deceive.
God will know the reasons, you cannot hide the truth,
You may come to regret the time you wasted in your youth,
But as you are growing older you get many chances to achieve,
Everyday is an opportunity to show what you believe.
It may be that the only faith you have is in yourself alone,
The joy of trusting others is maybe something you have never known,
But there is one above in whom you can believe,
He will show you clearly what you can achieve.
He will reveal to you exactly what you must do,
His purpose for your life will be revealed to you,
His friendship will provide you with all the help you need,
This will effect your every word, every thought and every deed.
And when judgement day comes and you stand before God’s throne,
It will not concern you that you are standing all alone,
As the questions are asked you can be proud as you say,
That you have fulfilled God’s purpose as you travelled on life’s way.
Ron Martin

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  1. This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing


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