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Daily Archives: January 26, 2015

River queen lady of the sea. – Promote Yourself


Open Yourself to Love – Promote Yourself


Sit, be still for a moment and open yourself to love

Ah, that wondrous love!

Do you remember the feel of it? 

Do you remember the touch of it?

Do you remember the caress of it?


Allow yourself to be free from pain and suffering 

You are loved 

You have always been loved

You are never ever alone 


Here we stand

Outside of your door

Patiently awaiting your invitation to enter

And wrap you in our loving embrace.


Celine Koropchak   


Retired medical researcher, blueberry farmer and author of One With All of Thee: Growing Your Spiritual Connection  


FB: One With All of Thee

Twitter: @onetovarysh

The Danube Park in Vienna; – Promote Yourself

 Sweetly, sweetly swirling,
a mass of fluffy seeds,
are drifting through the park
at the whim of windy leads.
Big, thick, black, white tree trunks
seem to walk around
like the legs of zebras
ambling on the ground.
Fountains in the laid out pools
look all so inviting;
I want to dip my feet in them
and swim, it’s quite exciting!
Tulips stand out from the crowd,
they nod to passers by
as smaller flowers blush
rosy red at bare blue sky.
A green stretches youthfully
aside from the path,
waiting for the picnicers,
shining summer’s mirth.
A weeping girl is out of place
on this buzzing day
yet the sadness of the world
is causing her to pray.
The danube tower rises up
at first to our dislike,
but later as a stretched-up ship
floating on a spike,
surveying all that’s down below… 
the park, a bridge, a church.
We board ship and enjoy the view,
for landmarks make our search.
A funny purple train
is off on its tour,
showing off this merry land
we haven’t seen before.
The angels guard us overhead
i trust in their protection,
strolling through this wonderland
a heaven-ward direction.

by Emily Nash

Wolves Howl at the Moon because the Moon Screams Back. – Promote Yourself

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