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Daily Archives: January 27, 2015

Nasty Christians Need To Learn-promote yourself


A path with no obstacles can lead to nowhere,
At least not to any place that is worthwhile,
The road that can lead you to somewhere special,
Is often blocked by many a stile.
The road which leads to nowhere is wide open,
Is one down which many people choose to go,
But the road which leads to somewhere special,
Is one down which progress might be slow.
There are so many roads down which we can travel,
But only one road will lead to happy life,
The other roads may lead us on to pleasure,
But pleasure is something which can quickly turn to strife.
The road to life is not an easy road to travel,
Yet we should seek to make some progress every day,
But if we are to reach our destination,
We must take note of the warning signs along the way.
But if we are sure of our destination,
And if we are certain that we know the way,
If we are prepared to overcome the hazards,
Then we shall progress a little more each day.
One day we shall arrive at our destination,
The pleasure of arrival will make us want to smile,
The joy of being at a special place will be ours,
And we shall know he effort was worthwhile.
Ron Martin

Unrequited.- Promote Yourself





I can’t compete


With wealth own,


I must retreat,


Live life alone.


He’s with you,

I am not.

Hope fell through,

Another dream shot. 


Won’t hold hands,

Share a heart.

Won’t make plans,

Grow old apart.


Reached the end,

Wish for more.

Hard to pretend,

I still adore.


Must not lament

Over my scar;

Must be content,


Love from afar.

John Northcutt Young



The ghosts of Auchwitz are chasing me again

just like they did when I was ten
I sat with in the kitchen with my mom
trying to speak, I was quite dumb

Tried to listen to what she had to say
wished it was just another regular day
and now its midnight and I am drunk
smoked a cigar and smell like a skunk
what is the meaning of life, I try to figure
with the skills of a mathematician and all its rigor

Menke Kalisch, Kopel Reich
those are important figures in my psych
I can feel them fight
with all their might
“Torah is important, everything else is fake”
No! More dough you got to make

Mom would wake up every morning
and sort of go into mourning
Where is her family and Galanta, she tried to shout
Do you know what this is about?

Lisa lies next to me. so innocent
never had to deal with anything indecent
wish I could be like her
and think that life is fair
But I think of my uncle, whom I never met
but can’t seem to be able to forget
and both of my grandparents
and their families
rolling in their grave
whom no one wanted to save

By Izzy Nelken


The rain how it fell; the cadaver smell
My eyes transfixed on that pit of Hell,
Vapid flesh foul, horrendously bland.
But why this carnage, I don’t understand;

Retching, gagging, holding back the bile.
I turn from the evil to rest for a while,
From decomposing mothers, fathers and child;
Satan’s work, merciless, callously wild.

Laid out in graves grotesquely remorse,
Lucifer’s carnage has taken its course
In a dance of death, contorted and thin,
Thousands of bodies, bound together by skin.

Now sixty years passed, will I ever forget.
That day when in person, with Satan I met;
He showed me firsthand his evil, his sin.
Flames of contempt still burn deep within.

Wise men instruct us ‘we must never, forget’,
Upon the memory of them, ‘let the sun never set’;
For six million Jews paid the ultimate cost,
I know, I was there, at the great Holocaust.

Alf Hutchison :
As seen through the eyes of those who witnessed first hand,
and liberated the scenes of the Holocaust
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