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The rain how it fell; the cadaver smell
My eyes transfixed on that pit of Hell,
Vapid flesh foul, horrendously bland.
But why this carnage, I don’t understand;

Retching, gagging, holding back the bile.
I turn from the evil to rest for a while,
From decomposing mothers, fathers and child;
Satan’s work, merciless, callously wild.

Laid out in graves grotesquely remorse,
Lucifer’s carnage has taken its course
In a dance of death, contorted and thin,
Thousands of bodies, bound together by skin.

Now sixty years passed, will I ever forget.
That day when in person, with Satan I met;
He showed me firsthand his evil, his sin.
Flames of contempt still burn deep within.

Wise men instruct us ‘we must never, forget’,
Upon the memory of them, ‘let the sun never set’;
For six million Jews paid the ultimate cost,
I know, I was there, at the great Holocaust.

Alf Hutchison :
As seen through the eyes of those who witnessed first hand,
and liberated the scenes of the Holocaust

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  1. This was so thought-provoking. So sad, but so we’ll written


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    Must never forget!!


  3. Deepest respect I shall never forget


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    In memory of our brothers and sisters today.


  5. Beautiful, thank you.


  6. This poem is pure emotional its great there’s alot of pain here I love


  7. So heartbreaking and powerful


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