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Daily Archives: February 1, 2015

National Library for the Blind

I have just received an appeal from the N.I.B
Asking for money to provide books for those who cannot see
And whilst I have every sympathy with the plea
I ask myself why they have to rely on my generosity
For we live in a country claiming to improve education
And it’s distressing to hear of this case of deprivation
That the blind children have to plead for a donation
Is surely a blot on the character of our nation?
The blind children are desperately in need of books in Braille
And their provision is one in which we cannot afford to fail
For these books would help to fulfil their need
And in their adult life would help them succeed
If the government are sincere in their concern for those in need
This is one aspect in which they should intercede
To make available the funds for their education
So they can participate fully in the life of the nation
The blind are unable to join in many games and to enjoy the fun
And have never seen the beauty of the setting sun
The beauties of the world are something about which they have only heard
At the very least they should be able to enjoy the written word
Ron Martin




The day I lost my Angel,

I traded my love in for something repugnance,

And I by no means even put up a struggle

I never even spoke, Not even showing a

Single expression.

I just raised my arms towering to

The sky above, I just gave up

I ceased to distinguish who I was.

I became nothing, a soul I had

Never met or knew.

I had loved you, A feeling that

You out grew.

A love I never knew.

I never once considered the repercussions

Of my emotions

Or my thoughts.

It’s strange how a single ripple in the sea

Can work to transform everyone

And everything it comes in contact with.

Never leaving any inclination

Of its presence, or its effect

Upon the vision that is cast into

The waters of prospect.

Now I have nobody left,

No one and nothing at all.

Nothing in my                                                                

Heart or in my soul.

The graceful love I showed


But who am I to say.

I am just a guy at heaven’s gate                                            

With broken wings.

Hoping that today is the day I may get in.




“Gift Receipt”:


Awoke and Spoke – Promote Yourself





Our eyes are closed to many things,

We look and don’t always find,

For things that are important,

To our eyes are blind.


Like natures wonderful creation,

It was created for all to see,

For all the things He did create,

Were meant for you and me.


Open your eyes to suffering,

Open your eyes to pain,

Open your eyes to understanding,

So that you may see again.


We only see what we want to see,

The rest is hidden from view,

Seek out the truth and you will find,

Clear vision will come to you.


For your eyes that once were blinded,

Are now open so wide and clear,

So don’t be blinded by deception,

Jealousy or fear.


We are all Gods children,

Equal in every way,

Only man has failed,

That is why we have problems today.


So don’t be short sighted,

Thoughtless and blind,

Just open your eyes and be honest,

Be truthful, loving and kind.


And remember as you go through life,

Your eyes are there to survey,

Do not stumble in the darkness,

Don’t let problems get in the way.


Just ask for help,

And you will find,

Those that now see clearly,

Were the ones who once were blind?


 Malcolm Bradshaw

THE WRONG HOUSE – Promote Yourself


people sweeping dust
into another’s eyes
parents losing faith
upon their own child
father demands for medals
while the mother
wants credentials
But the boy
only wanted to paint
so he did
a portrait of him
on the wall,
on the wall 
that is crumbling down
Nipun Bajracharya
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