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Daily Archives: February 2, 2015

The Queen of Hearts


The King of Spades was such a proud king
He married his love, the lovely Queen
What a Queen she was! So extravagant and icing sweet
She played with the strings of all the men she would meet

Then one day the Queen fell sick
Her matte lipstick heart began to tick
Slower and slower the beats fell down
Months had passed and she still felt drowned

The Ace of Diamonds bid his way
Through to the Queen to where she lay
He said he knew a very great man
Knows to heal sickness without a hand

The King of Spades acted quick
He called the man who was picked
Enter in from the club kingdom
His sinister smile following the paths to dominion

The Jack of Clubs strode into play
Ready to gamble his heart away
The Queen laid her eyes on this player
She sighed even louder and began a prayer

But her heart was failing from red to white
It withered and peeled like shades too bright
The Ace of Spades made his entrance
He refused to believe all this nonsense

The Jack of Clubs was hated amongst all
But the King of Spades had made the call
The Queen must pull the strings of the last heart
That is left in the kingdom of these cards to restart

She only lives if she pulls his strings
But the Jack of Clubs knows better things
He wanted a deal with the King of Spades
He wanted to conquer and invade

The Queen was fading, fading fast
The Jack of Clubs wanted to bask
The deal was difficult and demanding
The deal was final and bombarding

The Jack of Clubs moved closer to her
She peered through swimming pool eyes of blur
The strings she saw but she dare not touch
Her kingdom, her empire all gone through such

Drastic measures that need not be taken
She will die a queen, she refuses to shaken
Through heavy breaths with a cocaine white heart
She bid her goodbye as death do her part

By Mish


A Handsome Young Airman


Oh, a handsome young airman lay dying
Surrounded by wreckage he lay
And the mechanics who stood all around him
Swear these are the words he did say, did say.

Take the cylinders out of my kidneys
Connecting rods out of my brain
From the small of my back take the crankshaft
Assemble Pratt Whitney again, again

Now whenever you’re flying the” Big B’s”
Or airplanes of similar ilk,
Never forget the old ripcord
And always resort to the silk, the silk.

Oh the Big “B’s” a mighty fine airplane
Constructed of rivets and tin
It has a top speed of 150
The ship with the headwind built in, built in.

I never should have joined the Air Corps
Mother, dear Mother knew best
For now I lay here in the wreckage
Pratt Whitney all over my chest, my chest.


My Dirty Little Secret – Promote Yourself


Our secret love affair
Lost inside eachothers eyes as “he” knows nothing of it
We make such a pair
And we both love it

We laugh behind his back
As we cuddle and in your bed lie next to eachother
So naive and so much that he lacks
He still doesnt know you have a secret lover

Neglecting him all the days of your “engagment”
We lose ourselves in a swirl of blankets
While he sits alone at home dorment
And we have the time of our lives and as he hasnt found out yet

I bet you wish you were me
I bet you’d wander how
I bet you she would be inclined to agree
And I bet you wish you payed more attention now

I hope you soon find out
I’ll take so much pride in what I did
And I bet she will too no doubt
Openly straightforward and direct without secretiveness; candid

You know you interupt us when you call
Just leave us alone
She doesnt love you at all
And by the way, a good boyfriend would’ve known


Silence – Promote Yourself


Would You Save My Soul Tonight?


Would you save my soul tonight
Would you hold me close and tight
Would you dream the dream I dream
Would you feel the same emotion
Would you still hold me tight
All through the night
Caress my nightmares
Share what I share
See what I see
Do you believe in me
Would you save my soul tonight
Until the morning light

Gillian and Thomas Sims

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