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The golden years ( lost youth ) – Promote Yourself


As we grown older the world has changed’ things are so different as arranged’ things will never be the same again’ as we know that now and then.
So many years has gone by’ what happened to those who died.
So many memories has been lost’ yes but what happened ‘ at what cost.
We look around what do we see’ the past and present so vigorously.
The past and present will never be the same’ its so dad and a shame.
I do wonder what went wrong’ we must live and move on.
The golden years you must know’ we age so quickly’ don’t it show’ I look in the mirror what do I see’ I’m getting old’ or is it just me.
When I was young we went for our walks’ remembering when we had our little talks.
We see the sights where we once stood’ then we look around and saw all that wood.
We went to places where we once were’ its all disappearing into a blur.
So many things we have seen’ in our past and in our teens’ so many changes has been done’ lets go back where it all began.
I got inspired by a care home where my aunty lives listening to them talk about there past youth.

Patricia bourne WordPress 2014.

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