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Love-songs Mary Carolyn Davies -YOUR FAVOURITE POEM


What is love?
Love is when you touch me;
Love is a noise of stars singing as they march;
Love is a voice of worlds glad to be together;
What is love?

There is a strong wall about me to protect me:
It is built of the words you have said to me.

There are swords about me to keep me safe:
They are the kisses of your lips.

Before me goes a shield to guard me from harm:
It is the shadow of your arms between me and danger.

All the wishes of my mind know your name,
And the white desires of my heart
They are acquainted with you.
The cry of my body for completeness,
That is a cry to you.
My blood beats out your name to me, unceasing, pitiless—
Your name, your name.

My body talks about you in the night,
My hand says soft, “His hand is like a shield.”
My cheek grows warm, remembering your lips.
My arms reach blindly out into the dark;
My pulses say, “We cannot beat without him”;
And my eyes do not speak at all, for what they know is
beyond being said.
My body talks about you all night long.
I cannot sleep, my body talks so loud.

See, I lead you to my heart.
It is a winding way, the way to my heart;
It is thorn-beset and very long;
It is walled and buttressed; it is sentineled,
And none could ever find the way alone.
So take my hand,
And I will lead you to my heart.

Our hearts lie so close
That when your heart trembles,
Mine will be afraid.

Our hearts beat so near
That when your heard stirs,
Mine will hear it.

Our hearts speak so loug
That all the world must know.

I have lost track of what world I am living in
Or what day I am seeing;
I only know that there is blue about—
The blue of your eyes;
I only know that there is music somewhere—
Words quick and broken that you have said.

Your parted lips hard on mine,
Your sudden arms crushing heaven into my heart,
Your broken words that tell me nothing and everything—

When God is thundering the last world into oblivion,
And quenching the farthest star,
And putting blackness around,
We two will cling to each other.

Mary Carolyn Davies

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