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Daily Archives: February 7, 2015

Love Don’t Live Here Any more – YOUR FAVOURITE POEM


Love don’t live here anymore, 

It left a long time ago,
And all I had were shattered dreams,
And thoughts of what could have been,
You walked away without a backward glance,
I cried my tears, now my eyes are dry,
I am back on my feet,
I am getting ready to fly,
There is a knock on the door,
I wonder who it could be,
I looked and thought perhaps,
My eyes were fooling me,
But you were standing there,
With an apologetic smile,
Saying you were sorry you left,
Could I give you another chance,
There was a spring in my steps,
There was charm in my smile,
I said “honey when you left I changed the,
Locks on the door”
I said “Go find someone else,
Cause you’re not welcome here anymore! “

by Marva Seaton




LOVE VISITED – Promote Yourself



Love visited me once

on a moonlit night

lasting six months;

I grew,

was nourished

became almost human

as my being sought a home.

I held the moon at arm’s length

and watched it grow small

as its certain cycle

continued to darkness.

The baying of dogs rings untrue,

the sky is empty.

Walt Trizna

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