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Daily Archives: February 10, 2015



Just a dream


I am an infantry man

I do the best I can,

With my musket cap and ball

I stand proud and tall,

I keep my powder dry

I’m so frightened I will die,

With musket balls flying by

Just like rain drops in the sky,

And I see solders not intact

So I must get ready for another attack

There’s smoke and bodies all around,

Lot’s of friends I have lost and found

Whilst the enemy stands there waiting

He’s anticipating,

It’s just like a game of chess

He’s putting me to the test,

He’s waiting for my move

Who will win or lose?

There are muskets and cannons firing

This battle is so tiring,

I feel my head hit the ground

There’s just this deafening sound

Then I realise it was all a dream

Replaying the life I have seen.


Thomas Sims

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