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Daily Archives: February 12, 2015


Darkness was falling, the day was drawing to a close,
The time had come for me to retire to my bed,
But as I lay there sleep eluded me,
There were so many questions floating round inside my head.
I thought long and hard about the world in which we live,
I asked myself who or what was responsible for creation,
Could it really be true that there was an omnipotent God,
Or was this just a figment of someone’s imagination.
If there is a God why does he allow disasters to occur?
Why does he allow the innocent to suffer anguish and pain?
Is he responsible for fermenting trouble between the nations?
With the peace of the world being destroyed time and time again?
There are some who believe God to be a God of Judgement,
And that this is his judgement on a world where his laws are disobeyed,
But if God really is a God of vengeance,
Then most of us would have cause to be afraid.
But, the bible tells us clearly that this is not so,
That suffering is not part of God’s master plan,
An examination of suffering throughout the world,
Shows that most of this is due to man’s inhumanity to man.
What can we say then about the world’s disasters?
Maybe there could be a scientific explanation,
But at the moment no one can be really sure,
The evidence still requires further examination.
We know that the earth’s land masses are continually moving,
And as a result earthquakes frequently occur,
No one knows why the earth is so unstable,
Earthquakes are something for which we should prepare.
We know that storms are the result of climatic changes,
And we are not really sure why these take place,
We do know that the results can be catastrophic,
And are a source of danger to the human race,
We are constantly being warned of the dangers of global warming,
And the effect this will have on the future of mankind,
That storms and floods will be a constant peril,
Is this the legacy that we wish to leave behind?
I had to accept that we were contributing to the disasters,
But I know that other factors were involved,
I knew that I was no nearer to the answer,
And that the causes of disasters might never be solved.
Some people say that god moves in a mysterious way,
The philosophical say that what will be will be,
To me neither of these sayings provides the answers,
Which I sought but which still eluded me.
I do not think that I will find the answers,
If I continue to ask the questions until morning light,
It seems to me that sleep would be more beneficial,
Therefore, I will surrender to the darkness of the night.
Ron Martin

Look to the sky, fiery, blue and white – Promote Yourself


+++Duplicity+++ – Promote Yourself


Perception to betray and the truth to soon waylay,
The sight beheld is an insight withheld,
For as colours grey so do the sounds go astray.

Questions to ask and answers to mask,
The words uttered but the story faltered,
For as the tongues sway so do the ears turn prey.

Approval of belief or a quest for relief,
A lie defended all for the comfort to be distended,
For as the heart reveals, the mind conceals.

Kelvin Muriuki.

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