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Daily Archives: February 16, 2015

And I am Overwhelmed – Promote Yourself


Looking down on you – Promote Yourself


Looking down on you
See the tops of stooped, balding, laden heads
Enjoying the view
You see even when I once tread cautiously
Down there where you all dwell
I still killed ants
You can’t make wine
Without first crushing grapes
I can’t hear a word they say
Well…I can
But to what avail…
I stopped caring
about those I assail
I get all the glory
The lot of you do all the staring
There is something
I dare not mention
I wage war with truth in solitude
Rebel, rage, bones saturated in contention
To face it would mean
Having to come down to earth
Embrace reality as well
Perish the thought
Even when staring into the face of death
Life speaks to life
Long ago…
Had I fore sworn the language
And I hover…
Knowing deep within myself
In some long ago deepest darkest buried away vault
Such a posture
Should only be taken
In extending a hand
To lift someone up
Ungh! God forbid!

What’s The Use?


What’s the point of complaining?

They listen, then ignore,

For they just turn to their colleagues,

Smile and say ” heard it all before”


Power is an antagonistic position,

Hiding behind big organisations feeling safe,

Making unpopular decisions,

Not wishing to show their Face.


We the general public,

Are numbers to those in power?

Promising to deliver,

Sitting smugly in their ivory tower.


No one listens anymore,

They say they do, but don’t care,

We are nobodies of this world,

It’s just as if we are not there,


They seem to have an answer for everything,

And promise you the earth at the time,

Which turns out very frustrating,

Quite frankly I don’t care a dime.


Malcolm Bradshaw

In otherwise darkrooms – Promote Yourself

In otherwise darkrooms within,
we put the screws to Him when we think no one’s looking
pretend we love him…
for show
along with all the other phony smileys
not willing to change a damn a thing about ourselves 
we cross examine faces,
over analyzing
 Truth right before us.
Will of the Sovereign
Subjected to a kaleidoscope of misguided
potential servant’s faces
and miss the scintillating revelation
while comforted in the warmth of the very same “gifted” glaring light
creating the many colors and hues.
On this tiny orb
hanging by a thread from The Father’s fingertips above us.
Trying to self determine and comprehend a “WAY”
so far above our own
we are some of us
driven to madness
in lieu of simply accepting in amazement, reverence, awe,
Something by our limited understanding simply too good to be true
 and the child-like wonder has hidden beneath the covers in stark terror
“The Truth vista can be found but not In the act of ‘lying’ while face down… on the ground”
“Where were you on the night in question?”
“What is The Truth?”
(The Truth is….right in front of you)
(fortunately for us HE cares and shares)
Truth was not ever hours to be man-handled
Or rough housed
How much more foolish…
as a society
 can we continue to be?
Asking of Truth…
while still entangled in the depths
of our own depravity?
And yet…
Even “Now”
In spite of our selves
Truth Stands…where?
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