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I’d rather be a pebble than a clod – Promote Yourself


Points of View – I’d rather be a pebble than a clod

And I can see others’
Points of view
See views
And vistas
Pebbles on the beach
With life
Washing over us
And around us
We can shift
And turn
Remain calm
And be in
Another’s hand
We can skim
Or lie peacefully
We can build
To keep safe

Or keep out.

Cheryl Bhagwandin

About poetreecreations

I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

9 responses

  1. Don’t over explain, let the work “stand” and speak…make no apologies. If you worry so much about what others think it will only stifle your creativity. Just ignore “clods” like me and forge forward. Write from your heart not to appease critics and be popular. A comment is like Gold whether positive or negative, a comment is worth untold numbers of likes.
    God Bless!


  2. Beautiful sentiment I always enjoy my visits to you.

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    • Thank you I’m glad it meant something for others too 🙂


      • We “Clods” are very discriminating about what is written about us, I can’t speak for all but as far as “put-downs” go this was exceptional! Though I think most honest “discerning” clods might be inclined to agree.

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        • Oops lost my reply! Anyhow perhaps I shouldn’t think of Blake too much! I obviously ineptly tried to say we all have views which are valid and I see them which can be confusing to a poor clod like me ! And after all a pebble becomes sand which clumps together becoming clod then pebble …!


        • I took the title from Blake obviously, and it really was about people accepting others just as they were and the fact that pebbles disintegrate and become sand and then clump together as clods and back into pebbles. We don’t have to be down trodden or harsh, but I’d rather be strong. Also I don’t want to be washed away, I’d rather be positive and help to do something constructive, even if it is difficult. There were so many layers and ideas going on in my mind that perhaps there were too many and I didn’t express my self clearly. No offence was meant to any one,


        • Thought I had replied obviously not very technical at the moment, hope they did get through!


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