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Daily Archives: March 2, 2015


i way
We all need God to guide us on our life’s way,
And he needs us to speak for him today,
For the voice of God is very seldom heard,
Many, many people are never confronted with his word.
Those who have met and come to know the lord,
Have it as their duty to propagate his word,
Helping others to know Jesus as a friend,
Someone who will support them to the very end.
What is this friendship that we have come to feel,
What is the word of God we have been asked to reveal,
It has been described as the most precious thing that earth afford,
The reason for this being the promise it records.
The gospel message is one which is filled with hope,
To give us all the strength that we need to cope,
With the many problems which beset us on lifes way,
And prepares us to meet our maker when it comes to judgement day.
To those who do not believe this is hard to understand,
It is possible that it will interfere with the life that they have planned,
In itself this is a barrier which will make them resist,
This reluctance on their part is why we must persist.
At the same time we must not only spread the word,
But reveal to others the changes which in our life have occurred,
To show that our new life in Christ gives us satisfaction,
And praying at the same time it will get a good reaction.
When we look around us at the world today,
We should recognise there is a need for the Church to have its say,
The purpose of the Church must be to convince, not to condone,
To help others to accept the life of Jesus as their own.
If this could only be what a change would take place,
As the faith in Christ was spread throughout the human race,
It would give us pleasure to see more people guided on lifes way,
And we would find satisfaction in speaking for him today.
Ron Martin

OVERHEAD- Promote Yourself


 the light bulbs expire,

Their guts bursting,

And in death their ghosts yield a softer view of life,

Harsh shadows melt away.

Reality fades into the background

and the room’s boundaries sink into infinity.

Another bursts in incandescent death.

Familiar objects take on new shapes

as possessions melt from sight.

A book left open,

the words blur into feelings.

Something calls from the darkness

waiting to be released as the last flame fades.

Walt Trizna


life and love

I could not live without love,
It’s my strength and my guide,
It’s knowing someone cares for you,
That they will always be at your side,

Love comes in many forms,
Love for family and friends,
Love for your partner,
A love that should never end.

The love for a new-born baby,
So gentle and so mild,
It was love that created,
That sweet and beautiful child.

Love for your fellow man,
Is felt when they are in pain,
Affected by their down fall,
Bring light in to their life again.

Love for life itself,
Be grateful for what you are,
Illuminate the light within,
Like the brilliance of a star.

Love lifts the spirit,
Love lifts the soul,
Give love to everyone,
That really should be our goal.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

There Comes A Day…-promote yourself


Growing wings- Promote Yourself


Will you give me shelter

and comfort me in cold 
heartless winters?
Build a nest of loving words
feathered with acceptance
shielded with the grace I need
to give me wings
Will you do that?
And when I’m strong 
will you have strength
to let me fly away – alone?

Refinished – Promote Yourself

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