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Daily Archives: March 5, 2015

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The lost village. – Promote Yourself

You walk along the cobbled streets’ passing the people you may meet’ the houses are strange’ you can tell’ you wonder why there is a well.
The people are dressed in funny clothes’ that’s strange don’t you know.
They talk to you in a weird way’ I don’t understand what they say.
As you pass by a near farm’ you wonder why there is alarm’ so many animals there should be’ there is none’ only a tree.
I walk along a cobbled road’ crossing bridges as I go’ now I know where I am’ I came up across the river dam.
Its huge and big I must say’ I wondered why the waters flows that way.
The village disappears into the night’ you turn around and its out of sight.
The village is lost that I know’ its so old I must go.

Patricia bourne WordPress 2014.

Cornucopia – Promote Yourself


 I just thought I would send you a poem.  My name is Angela Perkins and I live in Hastings in the UK.  I have been writing poetry for a while, but have only recently started blogging it at my blog

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