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Daily Archives: March 10, 2015

Walls- Promote Yourself


Little Boy Blue -Promote Yourself



Surpassing Understanding -Promote Yourself


When someone difficult dies,

How do you say goodbye?

I remember only lies,

My eyes remain dry.


What do I mourn,

What was or should’ve been?

Get beyond the scorn,

Rid myself of sin?


I need an answer

Much more bigger than me;

Hate spreads like cancer,

Love sets us free.


Each day we wrestle

Will never end all strife,

We’re just the vessel;

Love gives us life. 


John Northcutt Young


I lay upon my pillow, but sleep evaded me,
My mind was filled with the happenings of the day,
I wondered if I had made a good impression,
Or, if I needed to present myself in a different way.
I knew I had been helpful to many people I had met,
Which implies there were others whose needs were ignored,
In other words I had treated people differently,
Which I know is something to be deplored.
I think I am kind and considerate to most people,
At least that is what I always tried to be,
But some people can be difficult,
Such people evoke a different response from me.
It’s so easy to be nice to those who are nice to us,
It’s not so easy to be nice to those who cause us pain,
It’s not easy for us to ignore their actions,
To do so might encourage them to do the same again.
If we deal with people in the way that they deserve,
Hopefully they will understand that there is a lesson for them to learn,
If we do this with a sense of fairness,
There is no reason for us to feel any real concern.
We shall know that our actions are justified,
That we have taken every step that we should take,
We have dealt with people as they have deserved,
And that there is no reason for us to lie awake.
Ron Martin
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