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Daily Archives: March 19, 2015

Always Be Kind

Lifes conveyor belt


We are all on the conveyor belt of life

We will ride it from dusk till dawn

Nothing can stop the conveyor

We are on it from the day we are born 

As we take this journey of life

We are experiencing many things

Each adventure as we travel

A new horizon each one brings

We can never stop the ride we’re on

Though I am sure many people have tried

We all just have to sit there to experience

The up’s and down’s of the ride

None of us escape the traumas of life

And the ride does not protect us from those

We just have to learn from the obstacles

As on forever the ride life goes 

When journey is virtually over

A message to all we will send

Enjoy the ride you have taken

Having no regrets as you fall off the end 

Malcolm G Bradshaw

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