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Daily Archives: March 20, 2015



when the rabbit and fox both meet in the wood
you can never be sure if the two will be good
and you watch for a while and hope that they could
be the very best friends but suspect one is food

so the rabbit starts running away from the fox
and before very long she discovers the clocks
which are ticking away inside the small box
in a garden of safety with sweet-smelling phlox

there she hides and prays and rubs her white foot
and the chimney-sweep passes, face-painted soot
she watches the fox run while she just stays put
and survives by her wiles in this natural pursuit
Lee Emmett, Australia


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Solar Eclipse Poem

solar eclipse

This can’t be true,
The sun is gone,
What will we do?
It’s dark!
It’s gray!
Sun’s disappeared!
The sun is gone,
It’s what we feared!
Sun’s blown out!
Its shine has stopped,
Like lit-up light bulbs,
When they’re dropped!
broken light bulb
But teacher said, that afternoon,
The sun is there,
Behind the moon!
Solar eclipse,
Sunlight’s blocked,
By the moon,
So don’t be shocked…
The moon will move,
Past the sun,
And this eclipse,
Will soon be done!

Solar Eclipse:
A solar eclipse happens when the moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and blocks the Sun’s light.
An eclipse can be partial (only part of the Sun is blocked) or total (the entire Sun is blocked).
Solar eclipses happen between two and five times a year although they cannot be viewed from all places on Earth.
It is important not to stare at a solar eclipse with your naked eye- during an eclipse the light from the Sun may appear dim, but even a small amount of direct sunlight can cause damage to your vision.

When I Look Into The Mirror


When I look at myself in the mirror
I question who is standing there
I don’t recognize the reflection
Of an old person with grey in their hair

Within myself I don’t feel old and useless
My mind at the moment is as sharp as a pin
Although my body doesn’t function it used to do
And my face and hair are both thin

I can’t run as fast as I used to do
And I can’t jump a five-barred gate
I have to leave the house early
Making sure I am on time, never late

They say we should grow old gracefully
No matter what changes take place
I suppose I should be thankful for what I have
For being part of the human race

Malcolm G Bradshaw

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