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Daily Archives: March 23, 2015

Majesty – Promote Yourself

Proud trumpets of daffodils on diases of green bathe

In shafts of sunlight through the window pane glazed

Flowers discreet but radiant. Sublime, reigning supreme


On the lounge table they sit, jewels in winter but a dream

From their crystal blue vase they cheer the room

Even in the late evening they majestically bloom


Outside, plentiful daffodils, their comrades, to cool music sway

Their sworn duty to chase the last frosts out of sight, far away

Whether indoors or out, listen closely as their trumpets play a fanfare soft

Announcing that to new life and spring they point with their heads aloft.

Joanne Hayle

Fish And Chips


Has I walk down  Hastings promenade

I stand and watch the fishing trawler net cascade

Seagulls following right behind

Swooping, diving, seeing what they can find

Holiday makers eating chips

Seagulls watch with an eagle eye

Looking at their fish and chips

Or any odd food bits

They will dive, and swoop,

Take a sandwich from your hand

Politeness they do not understand

They will come from miles

To pinch your chips

Happily on your head they will sit

If you come to Hastings or St Leonard on sea

Don’t forget seagulls love fish and chips

Just like you and me

Thomas Sims

MY FADING INK… – Promote Yourself

Is my last safe refuge
From the cold dark pits of my now weakened heart
I was once reminded that resolve needs revival
A forward momentum of momentary standstill
And Suppose you know the formula of fraternity
To forever form a feeling of friendship
Forever eternity
A summoning of souls seals the silence
Of the now lost lambs
As love leaves laughing “lackadaisically”
Hate has migrated to distant lands


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