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Daily Archives: March 31, 2015

Rainbow and Lightning -Promote Yourself


Rainbow and Lightning
Both struck
At the same

Branches and fingers
Metatarsals stretched
Broken and breaking
Hair stranded
And splayed
Struck outwards
And upwards
Wrought out
In ions
And electrons
In silence

It shimmered
And shivered
In silence

In silence
And explode

In silence
The rainbow

Cheryl Bhagwandin

The Tramp

Cold as ice
there he sat

Dreaming about
this and that,

Of what could
have been

If  he’d stayed
within the social scene

Each night his
shadow lies under the lamp,

He is
identified as the local tramp

The park is his

Nowhere else to

No hidden

Or anyone to
care for,

No personal
appointments to keep

No people at all 
to  meet

No-one to
explain to when he isn’t there,

No sacrifice to

The owls watch
over him at night

Under the lamp
in the moonlight,

Where empty
beer cans surround him

Next to the
rubbish in the bin

The tramp that
wants to be alone,

And to leave
his identity unknown

By Gillian Sims




So there they are, not loving, caring
Afraid to show the hurt they’re bearing
A life of love lies shattered, lost,
They feel the hurt and count the cost
How soon the hope of future died
How quickly one deceived and lied
The other left to try and cope
With love devoid of truth and hope
Whilst one enjoyed a fling or two
The other stayed steadfast and true
A forlorn hope that soon one day
Love might return, not slip away
Embittered now, they carry on
No tenderness, their love has gone
A life of sorts they live each day
Filled with shadows, black and grey
Don Holmes

Born Again – Promote Yourself


Drowsy after a caesarean I lay
as if I forgot why I was there

The nurse woke me, handed me
a beautiful dimply babe

As if saying, take care
here it is, now all yours

As I held him, there he was
frantically sucking his tiny fist

His nervous half-open eyes
as if scared to be in this world

Our eyes locked, well so I thought
and I was changed forever

That moment I was ‘born again’
as I had become a mother

He was my bundle of joy
my onus and my prerogative

With trembling unsure hands
I dressed him up in red

He belongs to me, I thought that day
this little soul is solely mine

But no, from that day till now
it was my life that was no more mine

My life could never be the same
it became much better and too fine.

Alka Girdhar

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