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Daily Archives: April 2, 2015

One Good Question- Promote Yourself


A walk
A rest
Is all it takes?
But need
A purpose
Not aimless

Find a purpose
Too many
Too much
Walk away

So one good morning
One bad morning
That’s good

All those questions
To get to one
The one you don’t
To answer

All those questions
To avoid
The one
You don’t want
To answer…

Or even

Cheryl Bhagwandin

A Rose


Thoughts rush through my mind
As I stare intently at the rose
Such quiet beauty contained
With thorns waiting so close.

Clipping the bud to hold it
Careful of the delicate shape
Knowing that once picked
It’s life begins to escape.

Slowly I peel back petals
Their scent fills my nose
Laying them out flat to dry
A smile starts and grows.

I place an array of color
Arranged on your pillow
Hopeful when I find you
My love will also show.

Charles Townsend 

“The Words You Use…” – Promote Yourself

 Painting by Sean Scully
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