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Daily Archives: April 6, 2015

RESURRECTION – Promote Yourself


I am the Resurrection.
Each morning I drag my self from bed, 
Rolling away the heavy sheet I wrapped ’round myself
for comfort,
All night long.

Jesus, where’s the  coffee-filter? 
Jesus, you don’t have the muscle anymore,
it takes 
To roll the weight I’ve been rolling away, every day 
From the mouth of my own cave.

Here we are again!
Awake, but blurry-eyed,
When we look at the lives we’ve each brought back from the dead;
From the cave of shadows, 
From the dancing on our walls.

Fire does animate the hole;
(Fire is in the whole).
The bad impersonation of the sun
Those disco-dancing 
Flames assume,

Leave me adrift
Afloat in the sea of my own shortcomings.
Who are you, reading this?
And who do you suspect this voice to to be ?
You and I, we are just meeting here by chance.

Somewhere outside of time
Somewhere in these words.
Somewhere near the entrance
Of this cave that each of us, 
Gradually emerges from.

Igor Goldkind

Igor Goldkind was born April 20, 1960 in Lansing, Michigan and raised in San Diego, California.  He is an author, poet, and lecturer who currently specializes in Digital Storytelling and Information Architecture.   In 1983Goldkind moved to Paris where he studied with Michel Foucault, the French Post-Structuralist scholar.  After receiving a graduate certificate from La Sorbonne, Goldkind moved to London where he worked first for Titan Books in the 1980s and then for IPC Magazines and Egmont Fleetway in the 1990s as a marketing consultant and PR spokesperson. Here, Goldkind helped develop and promoted the term “graphic novel” as a way to help sell the trade paperbacks then being published. Today, the Graphic Novel is a well-respected, internationally recognized genre. 
In the 1990s, Goldkind became one of the UK’s early innovators in digital media.  He set up a digital publishing company called Artemis Communications in 1993. one of the first digital agencies in the country, developing many first-ever publishing websites for Oxford University Press, Pearson’s Publishing, Lisson Gallery, The Tate Modern, and Usborne Books.  In 1998 he established Signa Internet Strategies, considered to be the UK’s first exclusively Search Engine Optimization company.  
Goldkind has lectured at Liverpool University, St. Martins School of Design, and the London College of Printing.  He is considered by his contemporaries to be an expert in the growing fields of Information Architecture, Usability Standards, and User Experience.  He continues to write and serve as the creative mind behind projects that link computational technologies with art, education, and storytelling.
Igor Goldkind is currently completing a collection of SF short stories entitled THE VILLAGE OF LIGHT, which unfolds in and around a computer game, and his first novel, THE PLAGUE, which is set around the mass outbreak of a cognitive degenerative illness.  The latter is based upon the condition of dementia and Goldkind’s has experiences in caring for his mother.  Goldkind’s first work, IS SHE AVAILABLE?, incorporates poetry, art, music, and motion,  published by ChameleonPublishing on April 1,st 2015

“That stick people together song” – Promote Yourself




jesus walk


I walked your earth

Many years ago

With the help of my disciples

Spreading the word you all should know

I was born into your material world

By the divine spirit above

Filled with the knowledge

Of my Fathers great love


Life wasn’t easy for me

And I was tempted on my way

But I had the strength of my Father

And the ability for me to pray

On my many travels

I did my best for all

Healing the sick and lonely

Giving strength if they should fall


The time came when I was taken away

And was tried for my belief

On my head thorns were placed

To be crucified like a common thief

I felt the material pain of nails

 Driven into my feet and hands

My time on your earth was ending

As my Father had further plans


Father forgive them all

For they do not know what they do

My time on earth has ended

Father my spirit is returning to you

Remember I am one of many

Who have brought you the light?

Many more will follow me

Who will keep the flame burning bright?


No matter which pathway you walk

On your spiritual travels you tread

I returned to my Father

For in spirit there are no dead

Be of good cheer my friends

Like me be a beacon of light

For each one of you are my disciples

Who will fight for what is right


Malcolm G Bradshaw

Easter Time

download eggs 

Easter time is upon us

Spring has come at last

Displaying all her beauty

Like a carpet she has cast


Out of the dreary winter

With colours of every shade

A breath-taking panorama

That Mother Nature has made


Frogs in the Lilly ponds

With frogspawn all around

Soon there will be tadpoles

Jumping up and down


Birds are also busy

Building with haste and zest

Making ready for new life

As they build their precious nest


Children prepare their Easter bonnets

Decorated with chicks eggs and glue

Display them at the Easter Parade

For the delights of me and you


It’s a time of new beginnings

To focus on new things to do

Be more positive in your thinking

To create a better future for you

Malcolm G Bradshaw

Atmospheric-promote yourself

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