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  1. Funny thing is…when I read this to myself I hear it in a classic British accent. Anyone care to take on a little audio project? It would fulfill a small dream for me and I’d be ever so grateful!
    God Bless,


  2. I didn’t really think this would be posted on here but I’m glad and thankful it was. I’d like to clarify a bit, perhaps I should have included an explanation with this. I will attempt to do so now. NONE of these fancy words used in this piece are by any means a part of my conscious vocabulary. These were a challenge exercise on another writer’s forum coupla’/few years back (C.C.W.) and it was rather intriguing. These words were given and the challenge was to incorporate some of these words into an original piece. None were familiar to me so I jotted them all down in a row and researched them, alongside each i entered the meaning and a sentence as an example of context. Well when I began to write this out it just unfurled effortlessly into this story of the atmosphere just prior to Jesus’ crucifixion, the sort of wild west lynch mob, lookee loos kinda’ sick voyeuristic spectacle that had been a triumphant entrance up until that point and we were all there too I thought, stones in hand (it felt as though I were). I didn’t know where the writing was going till it began to pick up momentum, had no idea what could be written from these words given. I was quite surprised by the result.
    Thanks for reading and thanks Poetree Creations for posting…this one for some reason is very close to my heart and special to me, I hope it speaks to others as well.
    Did the best I could with what was given, no doubt at all it could have been better by someone else.
    Anthony Gomez .


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