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Daily Archives: April 7, 2015

launching-the-stones – Promote Yourself

brave fish

Five smooth stones
Stones defending sheep
One-eyed vigil
One-eyed sleep.

Against paw of Lion
And paw of Bear
The Lord with him
And well did he fare.

And well did he come
When Israel’s forces shook
Slaying that Giant
By the brook.

How many stones
From cruel judicial hand
How many harsh blows
Would later land?

How much blood,
Would vengeance toll
Citing cold statutes
As heads roll?

Then came a King
With gentle shepherd’s rod
Marking our trail
With love of God.

Well do we march
The Lord going before us
Bleating our troth
And Love’s chorus.

Psalm 21:13
“Be exalted, O LORD, in your strength”

“A thankful joint contribution of Anthony Gomez
and Doug Blair”

Those who know me – Promote Yourself


TWO LOVERS – Promote Yourself


She fondles the syringe

As she was once fondled

By a lover long ago,

For this is her new love now.


The product of her first love

Gently moves within,

The product of her new love

Scars arms and thighs.


She feels a kick,

A struggle for life,

She forgets the past

As another is robbed of a future.


She sends her new love coursing her veins,

There is a treble, then nothing.


All is quiet as her night begins,

All is quiet, as an endless night begins.

Walt Trizna

A dark poem, a fantasy, but I’m sure the reality exists.

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