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The Good Life – Promote Yourself

My efforts are labored
My breath- it comes quick
The clock- it winds down now
I count every tick
I have no regrets 
My life- it’s been good
I’ve paid all my debts
As good debtors should-
A quick study I was
It didn’t take too long
To see my mistakes
To undo my wrong
Yes, this has been brewing
-in the making forever
As smart as I’ve been
I’ve not been so clever
Ate all the wrong things
Drank more than my share
Partied all night long
Lived life on a dare-
Smoked exotic cigars
Ya know- the ones with the tips,
S’posed to be safer somehow
On the teeth and the lips
Would I change fate if I could?
Would I eat and drink right?
Would I put down the smokes,
And try sleeping at night?
Awe nah, not a chance
I had a great run
I lived, laughed and loved
And damn was it fun——
~Rochelle Harris~
My name is Rochelle Harris. I live in south Mississippi where I am the proud mom of two beautiful daughters. We share our home with a Morkie, a Yorkie Poo and my “son” Lucca, my chocolate Lab. Recently I created a personal blog which subsequently brought me here. I have dibbled and dabbled in poetry for many many years and I am overjoyed to have found I believe it is the perfect platform for showcasing new and seasoned writers/poets. 

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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