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Daily Archives: April 14, 2015


One day the journey of life will be over,
Hopefully we shall have reached the promised land,

But the road to life is not always easy,
Things do not always go as they are planned.
Sometimes the weather may be inclement,
Sometimes the road is hard to tread,
There are many distractions to entice us,
But we should always strive to press ahead.
If we have put our hand to the plough,
Then we should never look back,
But keep our eyes looking to the distance,
Seeking for the sign that marks our track.
Then hopefully we shall reach the eternal city,
At the end we shall have reached the Promised Land,
The road to life is narrow, the road to destruction is wide,
If we choose the way to life things will work out as we had planned.
by Ron Martin

Different’ for Promote Yourself


A beautiful mess -Promote Yourself



 No stretch of the imagination

more of a conscious restraint
this palette
this canvas
this easel
upon which
heart and mind paint

it’s like a psalm of David
accompanied by lute
an accordion
lazily slinking
down an endless stairway

At times clashing

* “a beautiful mess” *


Rising to the surface
of a swift stream
grasping what is needed
to be worked out
or worked on
set on a work table

Allowing the remainder
to pass by
or sink
thoughts don’t go away
only recycle
same questions
posed in different ways

Not all pleasantries
not all intentional…
those vaguaries

Just musings
shooting stars whizzing by
a mind’s eye
majestic wild horses
with flowing manes
thundering across a big country’s
mental planes

Even if it were possible
to capture it
what then?

A work in progress
fail or succeed
in thoughts
comforted in the knowledge of
being held in existence

By a God
who loves
is eternally Faithful
constantly publishing
Doesn’t require Royalties
Is sovereign
New Works
Freely Given

Always on the bestseller’s list

Divine Author of
The Greatest Story
Ever Told

Glory be to God

Shall we have a toast? -Promote Yourself


Shall we have a toast?

To the times when we shared smiles

To the motivation that helped us cross miles

Shall we have a toast?

To your gain of better bargain

and the shock of the sad manifestation of our fears

Say cheers to all the tears,

let’s celebrate the reality this truth bears

Shall we have a toast?

To the many times I hurt but did not show

To the many secrets you thought I should not know

To the many nights I cried myself to sleep

and the days I smiled because I was too tired to weep

Shall we have a toast?

To the many mysteries life will each day unfold

To the glories tomorrow may hold

To the repercussions of yesterdays actions today

and the sweet-sour memories locked up for yet another day

Shall we have a toast?

A toast with broken glasses

symbols of our hearts once broken in the past

evidence of unhealed wounds soon to turn scars

Of dreams, plans now covered with dust

Let’s have a toast shall we?

Let’s celebrate the humble fragility

of our egocentric humanity

And ladies, gentlemen, my dears;

Join me take a sip after I have said

By Kuukua Annang

A Cornflake Floating in Milk -Promote Yourself


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