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We who are hiding in our second bedrooms,

Licking the silver from the backs of our screens.

Are living in a differently timed zone

Of waking awareness.

Sometimes 2, sometimes 3, sometimes 4 or more

Lives are lived each night.

In our rooms

By ourselves

Sitting too close to our beds.


This is our perpetuity,

The lasting legacy of our species:

The glow that now contests the light that once shone from our eyes

Rises up to the razor’s edge of our understanding of

What is Unknown.

What is un-utterable.

What can barely be thought , much less said and

Yet keeps these words dancing so merrily across this page.

Caught in the ballet of silence that surrounds them.


Who are you reading this?

And what are you afraid of?

What perturbs your eternal sleep-walk into this night?

Are there questions you are pondering?

Or are you merely waiting for the screens to pull through for you?

Into your own quiet, private world,

Where the things that count never change.

And no one is dreaming you but your mother

Who has left you now for another child.

Igor Goldkind 

Igor Goldkind was born in Lansing, Michigan and raised in San Diego, California.  He is an author, poet, and lecturer who currently specializes in Digital Storytelling and Speculative Realism.   In 1983, Goldkind moved to Paris where he studied with Michel Foucault, the French Post-Structuralist scholar.  After receiving a graduate certificate from La Sorbonne, Goldkind moved to London where he worked first for Titan Books in the 1980s as a marketing consultant and PR spokesperson. Here, Goldkind helped develop and promoted the term “graphic novel” as a way to help sell the trade paperbacks then being published. Goldkind has lectured at Liverpool University, St. Martins School of Design, and the London College of Printing.  He is considered by his contemporaries to be an expert in the growing fields of Information Architecture. He continues to write and serve as the creative mind behind projects that link computational technologies with art, education, and storytelling.  Igor Goldkind’s  most recent work , is the ground-breaking tour-de-force IS SHE AVAILABLE?, incorporating Poetry, Art, Music, and Motion, and published by Chameleon  Publishing.

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