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Me And Grandpa – Promote Yourself


I remember me and grandpa and the way we used to fish
It was my childhood fantasy, my one and only wish.
I couldn’t wait to get there, but the ride was very long,
so we all sat back in our car and sang this special song.
You get a line, I’ll get a pole; we all know how it goes I guess
it’s just a song that everybody knows.
Over the hills and though the trees and there it finally is,
a massive structure of steel, the Missouri river bridge.
We cross the bridge slowly you know it’s not real wide,
and every time I’ve crossed that bridge I’ve felt a sense of pride.
The fever’s really got me now with not that far to go,
around the lake I see the boats and then there’s Big-a-low.
Grandma’s probably cooking and making something great,
she always saves a little bit even if we’re late.
The sights are now familiar; my palms begin to sweat,
can’t wait to fish with Grandpa and make our special bet.
So now I’m finally here and I guess it means just this,
that when the morning comes Ill get my fishing wish.
Thanks Grandpa

© Randy R. Patterson


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4 responses

  1. Fishing was my passion, Grandpa passed before I was born. But an angry Father was bitten by the fishing bug of his son. And side by side till sundown silhouettes…I recall fondly the change in him and the peace he came to know and love before his eternal rest.


  2. Reminds me of my Mama. We used to plant.


  3. Made me weepy. I long to have my grandparents back. Touching.


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