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The Thug?, The Saint?, The Seeker?, The Touched?, The Reluctant Restraint? – Promote Yourself

Anthony gomez

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  1. I jumped the gun in submitting this, thought it was finished but there was more.
    Here is the true final draft, thanks so much for posting this. It was immediately close to my heart and hopefully will touch others’!


  2. Another flowing sentiment, that in the words there is a beat, gravitational rhythm to which music is heart and a tingle to the spine that can only reflect a message coming from the heart and not just the head.
    I do agree and hope I captured your message correctly, that we were never meant to assume that we have the right or power to change the heart of another, no more than another should be granted permission to change our hearts; a permission that is mostly given through threats of violence. It seems we are only charged to strive to emulate the living example of love in our Lord Jesus Christ, so that if another might see something in the striving which might appeal to a truth, that they might be resolved to convert their own hearts in a free, loving choice. While, at the same time, in the striving to remove the “bolder from our eyes” and not focusing on the “splinters” in other persons eyes, that conversion is a constant exercise in self-examination and awareness. Peace to you.

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