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Daily Archives: May 6, 2015

Poem For V.E. Day


Victory in Europe
Fifty years ago;
To some it doesn’t mean a thing,
It happened long ago.

It’s just a thing they talk about,
Those old men down the street;
Todays kids cannot understand,
They never felt the heat.

They never knew the torment,
The heartache, pain and death;
They’ve never seen a soldier
That’s fighting for his breath.

The victory in Europe
Was certainly hard won
For who lost a brother,
A father or a son;

For men who gave the ultimate
Upon some foreign land;
A poppy for a head-stone
Now growing in the sand.

This victory in Europe
About which now I write,
It made me free,
I’m glad I didn’t have to go and fight.

I’m thankful that those old men,
The ones still living yet
Keep talking of V.E. day,
And won’t let us forget.

Inversion-promote yourself



Outstretched hands

fumble through the darkness of uncertainty


A tenuous dance of fingers

unwittingly touch upon keys of an instrument




Plays a composition so familiar 


In stark clarity

From within melancholy chords of disparity

Emanate rippling waves of empathy



Precedes arrival

And begs this query

What can it mean

To feel so much

In the absence of human touch ?


The question summons a sojourner

Who traverses dreams

Dispels solitude


And leaves behind a legacy of hope

In the purity

Of His silent departure

In the breaking of the bread

we remember Him


And He makes Himself known to us.


Tony Gomez     

Mellifluous Tunes -promote Yourself


Shifting sands
Mellifluous tunes
Waves wondering
Waves wandering
Keystone holding
All together
Wholeness holding us
Wholly holy together
The jig saw pieces
Made in His image
Of wholeness

Cheryl Bhagwandin

20 Claps of Thunder -Promote Yourself

20 Claps of Thunder

20 claps of thunder
19 kids are shouting
18 streets are flooding
17 lanes rerouting

16 lights are flashing
15 horns that blow
14 sirens wailing
13 weather men didn't know

12 umbrellas going up
11 old ladies fall down
10 times zero yards mowed
   9 fender benders in town

   8  tornado watches
   7 cars skidding by
   6 people wearing raincoats
   5 birds in the sky

   4 baseball games cancelled
   3 little wet dogs barking
   2 trees blowing in the wind
   1 afternoon sky darkening

by Rochelle Harris
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