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20 Claps of Thunder -Promote Yourself

20 Claps of Thunder

20 claps of thunder
19 kids are shouting
18 streets are flooding
17 lanes rerouting

16 lights are flashing
15 horns that blow
14 sirens wailing
13 weather men didn't know

12 umbrellas going up
11 old ladies fall down
10 times zero yards mowed
   9 fender benders in town

   8  tornado watches
   7 cars skidding by
   6 people wearing raincoats
   5 birds in the sky

   4 baseball games cancelled
   3 little wet dogs barking
   2 trees blowing in the wind
   1 afternoon sky darkening

by Rochelle Harris

About poetreecreations

I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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  1. issuudotcomslashdewane

    And…that is the sound that causes six dogs to jump up on my lap simultaneously!


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