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Poem For V.E. Day


Victory in Europe
Fifty years ago;
To some it doesn’t mean a thing,
It happened long ago.

It’s just a thing they talk about,
Those old men down the street;
Todays kids cannot understand,
They never felt the heat.

They never knew the torment,
The heartache, pain and death;
They’ve never seen a soldier
That’s fighting for his breath.

The victory in Europe
Was certainly hard won
For who lost a brother,
A father or a son;

For men who gave the ultimate
Upon some foreign land;
A poppy for a head-stone
Now growing in the sand.

This victory in Europe
About which now I write,
It made me free,
I’m glad I didn’t have to go and fight.

I’m thankful that those old men,
The ones still living yet
Keep talking of V.E. day,
And won’t let us forget.

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