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Time will pass People will be born
We will grow old And then we die.
But memories will go on
And we will go on after….
On the long road of life
We meet people.
And they too, will grow old and die.
And the memories will go on.
The footprints we leave behind
The impressions we leave on life
Will help others learn:
Learn to live
Learn to grow
Learn to die.
And that is what we do today
And everyday.
We go through challenges in life;
We may fail,
We may succeed.
Either way we are learning.
And with our knowledge we teach others.
And even though we will die.
Our memories, impressions, and our footprints,
Will help others grow.
Had a bit of clear out today with old papers and came accross this poem  that someone sent me years ago ,
all I know they called themeslves “Megumi”…. its called Teachings… I thought it was worth sharing:
Sent in by Simon Icke

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