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Soul-of-My Guitar – Promote Yourself


Sometimes, when you get the Blues
or The Nana of yours, she’s  jalouse
That, You feel lonely, to night
and in your inside, it tears

I harken to the Soul-of-my guitar,

I hugged that Old-companion, of mine
my Fillet-Mignion, my glass of wine
My-bread-and-butter, my Duchess
My guitar, my gitane, my muse,

Keep your laughter, and your tears,
and your sarcasm, please
if that’s ye amuse

we had, an _á peutprêt, this small talk
T’was two o’clock:am, I suppose

I said to her: “Longtime no-see”
She said: ” I was just  sitting there,
already set, with all my frets
Longing for your fingers,
on my neck to linger

I was all time, Resting on a chair,”
“Just gathering some dust
And you were, always  at a hast,”
You fled for a woman,and her hair
Now, you come back to me, heart-broken, at last

And for my hard strings always to press_
At seventeen, I know L’Amour, ç’a blesse

I’m longing for your caress
Can’t you see it?”
with some reproach in her voice
She said: can You believe it?
I said: ” Ain’t  got no choice”
“mais encore”, she said
“Strike the chords”

I said: “It doesn’t mean a  thing”
She said “Seise the thing, and let it go
Grate the string
just add a touch

some Sol La Si
And Say it low
the words will flow
And put some rhymes.

It works sometimes
Then you get the Blues,
And you’ll be at ease”
I said: “to-night.

” I have to write,
she  said:” it’s will be alright,
just get it right.”
“And you are done with that beautiful mess”

__At wee hour, I felt like having my soul, of a poet, and a troubadour,


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  1. that was a beautiful poem!


    • Thank you for your comment, and your like on my post, it’s refreshing to know that, you know my muse is very wimsical, and jalouse, has 9 sisters, I sometime nudge Clio, Erato, Melete, she is moody but at moments, she surprise me with things like that


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