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Daily Archives: May 22, 2015




A shriek from the realms of the heart
echoes within the veins
Swiping aside the sweet melody
breathing the saddened symphony….

Bruises unseen felt when touched
respire through the open wounds
The salve to soothen the lesion
Has vanished in the gloom…

Words of comfort ne’er
Calm the ache,
as a sojourn
can ne’er blossom flowers
on a dying barren state…


The taxpayer


We all pay council tax

Road tax and VAT

Speeding fines

That affects you and me

We are all subject to parking fines

Speed cameras and CCTV

Road tax and now car parks

That affects you and me

Income tax on pensions

Stamp duty, inheritance to

TV licence and Water rates

Once again affect me and you

Tax on saving in the bank

How do we survive?

Death duty when we die

Tax to the hilt while alive

No wonder the country’s in mess

For we are paying for their mistakes

People who can ill afford it

When will they get their brakes?

I can’t see anything changing

For we don’t have a choice

For decisions are made by other

As taxpayers we have no voice

The attitude of government is simple

We will screw the people to pay

For we can manipulate the people

Lets face it; the taxpayer has no say

Malcolm G Bradshaw

My Facebook friends


I have 5000 friends

From all around the world,

They’ve been collected like stamps

From America England and France,

Along the way I gained advice

Some very interesting facts,

Along with great knowledge

From my Facebook friends,

Artists and writers

People from every walk of life,

Displaying their work

Upon my Facebook page,

Such creative people

The salt of the earth,

Collected like gold coins

In a silk lined purse

By Gillian Sims


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