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Daily Archives: May 31, 2015

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Your Life – Promote Yourself

floor b


Squat on the floorboards

And let your life surge out of you

Hot, sticky, and wailing for attention

Red fisted fingers raised with demands


Your life wants you undivided

In treeforts and toeshoes

Clarinet howling at the mounting moon

Gyrating disgracefully to an untamed song


Be luminous, scraped and scarred

In mud and blood and bright green glitter

She wants shameless love to burn her

Brand her with its valor


She will seethe and storm and slam doors

Strand you with your reasons

Forsake your obligations

And fearsome responsibilities


Your life would rather be held against a raw heart

With all the ache and passion and mess there

Than sit cross-legged in some therapist’s chair

Wondering why her soul is barren

Why she won’t squat on the floorboards

And bring her life to birth. 

by D. Wallace Peach

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